writing for well being workshops

Writing for Wellbeing and Mental Health July, August, September, October 2018

” I found this session really helpful and invigorating”

“I found the whole session really enjoyable again, it really calmed my mind and was attended by an amazing group of women – the writing and the discussion helped me work through issues and identify how to manage my anxiety”

“I found the session very therapeutic and relaxing, talking and sharing thoughts makes you feel you are not alone”

“Really enjoyable. Relaxing. Positive. Felt surrounded by kindred spirits but each with a slightly different point of view. Eye opening”

Writing for Wellbeing and Mental Health June 2018

“I feel happy, positive and uplifted”

“This has reignited my passion for writing. I am learning that is is a powerful tool for stress release, anxiety reducing and a form of therapy. I feel so much more positive”

“I enjoyed the writing today, I feel less alone and I gained enjoyment, hope and positivity”

“Its helped me to focus my thoughts and express them and its helped with relaxation”

“I have had time to destress”

Writing for Wellbeing for Carers April 2018

“Writing today has done more for me than my painkillers”

Writing for Mindfulness January, February and March 2018

“Writing helped to clear my head”

“I gained some self awareness and I noticed and acknowledged how I am feeling now”

“I was able to analyse my attitude to life and think more postively”

“I was able to switch off and connect with my creativity”

Writing for Relaxation for Pupils and CPD for Teachers at Bosworth Academy Febuary 2018

“It helped to destress and was very calming”

“Not only was it good to relax it was good to understand your thoughts and it made me feel a pure sense of happiness”

“Helps to keep calm and was nice to dedicate a portion of the day to it when we usually just pressured to work”

Writing for Mindfulness  April, May & June 2017

“It was time to reflect and get my thoughts down on paper” 

“Taking time to reflect and gave me things to think about”

“A Chance to have time to myself”

“I gained some time to myself and it helped me express thoughts and feelings”

“It helped me relax and lifted my mood”

“I enjoyed the social elements of the group, time and space to write and the prompts were good”

“I enjoyed meeting people, having the freedom to work on a given subject and I enjoyed the written prompts” 

Writing for Relaxation – November 2015

“I enjoyed the writing today, but also the interaction of the group, sometimes when I have written something I look at it and I am surprised at what I have written and just want to share it as it can come as a total shock as to where my thoughts have lead me!”

Loved the whole session, really stressed this week and it has chilled me out”

Writing from the Clouds – October 2015

“I found this workshop very enjoyable, felt no pressure to write which freed up my mind to get flowing rather than worrying about time limits. I found the photograph exercises helpful to get me to cover ground which I would normally skip over in my own writing. I liked the idea of free writes as a brain dump which I will continue to use. It was great!”

Writing For Relaxation – January & February 2015

“Really enjoyed the session, it was so lovely to be “child free” and think about me, I was quite nervous as its something new but the best thing was the relaxed feeling and the group were lovely – glad I felt confident to share”

“As always I feel totally relaxed – thoroughly enjoyed it”

“This was great – really enjoyed it never dreamt it would be so thought provoking”

“Really enjoyed it again – so lovely to be able to switch off and write – I surprised myself with how much I wrote and I’m not a writer. Will definitely come back!”

Writers Ink participants – 2015

“This is an enjoyable group because it is not stressful and encourages you to do things which you would not otherwise attempt. It is useful to try different methods and genres and it has been amazing to be shown so many ways of approaching the subject – always inventive and interesting.

I have been attending this workshop for quite a few months now and have found it extremely inspiring and informative. The learning is relaxed and inclusive and Katie the course leaders experienced and professional approach provides challenges and exercises that are improving my creative writing skills.”

Writers Ink – May 2014

“Always interesting and inspiring. I always leave the weekly session of Coalville Ink with lots of ideas to further my creative writing.” – Penny

“Since joining Writers’ Ink, the workshop facilitated and guided by Katie at Write Mindful I have discovered a greater understanding and a broader writing experience than I could have imagined. Katie’s tuition and exercises are inspiring and her knowledge and skill are invaluable to my own writing aspirations. The practical workshops promote learning through different literary exercises in a relaxed environment and the talents of the students are nurtured and encouraged by Katie’s positive and informative teaching style.”

Writing for Wellbeing – January 2014

“I enjoyed it, it has helped me focus and relax and just think about me for over an hour, this never happens as I have two young children – thank you!”

“I enjoyed not thinking about anything else but what I was doing right then.”

“The freedom to write about any subject and lack of constraint was relaxing and I felt more positive about my day – it gave me the chance to do something for me.”

Writing for Wellbeing – October 2013

“It is nice to have a bit of time to go inside your own head its actually quite relaxing and I’m impressed, I’ve not written for a long time and now realise how much I enjoy it. Thank you”

“Enjoyed the prompts and responding with my writing. It really made me think but in a focused but imaginary way. Creative juices returning with my enthusiasm too. Would love to continue.”

“I got a lot out of it and surprised myself!”