S is for Solidarity

Hello All. How are you?

I dropped my daughter at school this morning for what might be her last day in her current year, I noticed the roads were quieter, less parents on the school run, less people around in general, all was more subdued. I took a slower walk home , instead of my usual head down, rushing to my study to begin my work from home, I took it slower and noticed people, all nodding and smiling at each other, being that little bit more friendly.

At this strange time, I’m heartened to see how we are all sticking together. In my small corner of Leicester, mutual aid groups have been set up, leaflets offering help posted through doors, local mums have set up facebook groups to help keep the children busy, our local pub is offering free soup, friends are posting school packs through my door and one lady from my Writing for Mental Health group has treated us all to a series of e books to read. I’m reading of singing on balconies in Italy and children in Spain putting up pictures and drawings in their windows. Small acts of kinds, simple things, simple pleasures its all amazing to see.

I’m currently flitting between concern and calm at the whole situation, with a few close family members working for the NHS, frontline and non-clinical – key workers – I am hearing of their daily reality now , elective operations cancelled and meetings postponed, hours of availablity required and the recall of those in retirement. I have always been thankful for the NHS and what they have done for me in my own life – but today more than ever… To the NHS superstars – thank you for all you are doing for us.

I get to spend extra time with my daughter, which we are both looking forward to. We have plans – we are going to bake, read, play, craft, learn about the planets, cloud spot and visit virtual museums. I am going to make this a positive experience for her and truly embrace this quiet time as society slows.

People are saying we are all banding together again, like in wartime – standing together and supporting one another. This can only be a good thing. We are being asked to hunker down and stay indoors, we can do this. We’ve got this.

Stay safe all. See you on the other side and soon this will all be a memory, a story.